Project 2011: The First Edible Organic Garden of Learning: alternative environmental education for the youngest)


WIth the financial support of BEPF Foundation with the financial support of Charls Stuart Mott Foundation


In 2011 ZAEDNO implemented successfully a project for creating the first in Sofia Organic Garden of Learning in the Kindergarten - There was a huge interest declared by many parents and teachers and we received a lot of requests for realization of similar Organic Gardens of Learning  in other kindergartens in Sofia. 




Project Activities realized for the period: 1 April 2011 - 30 October 2011

  • Local community meetings - parents, teachers and headmaster of the kindergarten;
  • Planning of the organic garden of learning
  • Series of volunteer activities for building the garden of learning; 
  • A series of practical and integral lessons with all the 200 children - growing seedlings, planting of plants, care for the park;
  • Growing organic crops;
  • Installing the composting system and producing humus soil.
  • Organizing of e ducational events - Festival of the Sun (June) and Harvest Festival (October);
  • A series of meetings with representatives of other kindergartens to create new gardens
  • Development of an On-line Handbook on how to build an organic garden of learning in the kindergarten together with your local community and resources;
  • Promotional and educational print materials
  • Development of a dynamic website of the project
  • Promotion of the prject in national media – interviews, presentations, reports;
  • Video presentation on the building of the first organic garden of learning in Bulgaria 
  • Planning the long-term and sustainable development of the garden.



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